Relaxes and balances your body is a web page where you can meet and experience about our different techniques for the welfare of your physical, mental and emotional body.

The aura and chakras are techniques that offer to balance and harmonize your body, "I call this an energetic massage".

The alignment of chakras and aura harmonization of methods are used to unlock the energies in different parts of the body, as they are energetic blockages caused by stress, worries, emotions, etc.

It does not cause any side effects in the body. It works with the energies of the body itself (there are 7 chakras: root chakra, sacral, solar prexo, heart, throat, third eye and crown) these are points of energy we have in our body to balance it and bring it into line nustro body sways and we feel more relaxed.

The aura on the other hand are energetic fields outside our body and comes in layers to reverse the rainbow, each layer relacina with the colors of the chakras.

The aura and chakras suffer blockages by negative energies which must be unlocked by becoming a "cleansing" and a balance of them.

Cupping therapy use them to eliminate muscle, migraine, acne, insomnia, stress and pain circulation.

And like everything goes hand in hand, could not miss the magnets, which like everything else, goes hand in hand with the body's balance and ph, and this to be balanced prevents the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi and to achieve establish the body, and the most interesting and curious is that the same body indicates where there are conditions to prune correct.

All these techniques are very old that have been maintained through the years, because of that, by their effectiveness. The use and recommend to everyone.

   Hi, I'm Xiomara Longoria, a businesswoman and mother. Because life into the world of energies; My first encounter was when I took a course of Chakras with a group of friends for 4 years. As I acquired knowledge of how it worked and the benefits of having balanced and harmonized the Chakras of the body, I was preparing other techniques that also go hand in hand with energy blockages of the physical, mental and etheric body, etc. .

Every day that passes makes me happy to know about all these techniques release, as well, can collaborate with the welfare of my friends, family and clients, which makes me very sastifaccion know that divinity or superior God to use me as a vehicle for the welfare of humanity.

I am here to assist all people who enjoy the balance and harmony of your body and so have a more stable and enjoyable life.

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